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NIMPA offers short courses, certificate and diploma programs in MUSIC, FILM , THEATER, DIGITAL JOURNALISM,GRAPHICS DESIGN and ANIMATION. Each program is structured for students who want intensive training from award-winning faculty, using professional facilities and equipment starting their first day of classes; better preparing them for a career in film production, music and Theatre Arts. Register in any of our world-class programs and get the experience you need to excel in your field.

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With Red Carpet Photography

& Gift Hamper for all Mothers

Single -Ksh 1,000

Couple -Ksh 1,500

PAYBILL 522522

ACCOUNT 1225998832


Enquiries : 0757721755

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Collectively, NIMPA Foundations and Studios form an innovative learn-and-work social enterprise whereby young creatives get the training, mentorship and resources they need to turn their passion into a profession.

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Who We are

Nairobi Institute of Music and Performing Arts (NIMPA) is a world class Christian institution that provides competence-based education and training in creative arts in the service of God and humanity.

Our Vision

To be an International Centre of excellence in the provision of competence based education and training in creative & performing arts.

Our Mission

To nurture talents and develop technology-savvy professionals in creative arts through industry driven practical training and promotion of moral values


Digital Journalism

This is a 2 year course geared towards provision of quality training to those seeking to learn and expand their knowledge….


This is a 2 year course geared towards provision of quality training to those seeking to learn and expand their knowledge….


This is a 2 year course geared towards provision of quality training to those seeking to learn and expand their knowledge….


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I joined NIMPA in September, 2021, I wanted to perfect my acting skills, currently I’ve learnt a lot, I’ve learnt how to be fluent in speaking, as you can see now, I’m not shying away and ive also perfected my acting skills. So I can say NIMPA is good!

1. Esther Mariposa

A NIMPA student and part time actor at Kina Maisha Magic East.

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"We, (music educators), are not in the business of transacting content, we are in the business of adding value.’ If you’re in Nairobi, look for the Nairobi Institute of Music and Performing Arts, visit them see what they do, and let’s all together keep adding value through music."

Levi Wataka

Musical Director, Kenya National Youth Orchestra.

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“I think NIMPA has helped me to understand that the growth curve of a student can be very different. Every student has different learning and retaining student abilities so just being able to create a curriculum that can serve the needs of every student as diverse as they are has been an amazing experience! ”

Kevin Varkeize Alegwa

performance instructor at NIMPA.

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‘The best place to nurture talents cos there are energetic and social lecturers and tutors.’

Mary Anne Isaac

NIMPA Facebook page

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‘NIMPA iko sawa’


An international student from Madagscar studying a Diploma in music technology

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NIMPA offers diverse lessons that are tailor made to suite one's schedule.


We ensure that all lessons are well covered and your time is well accounted for.


NIMPA Staff are there to give guidance and support when it comes to projects and research work.


Our fee is very affordable and the three installment payment plan is pocket friendly.


At NIMPA, we develop and give your mind a chance to show the world it's greatness.

Actuality Assured

Our staff are learned and highly qualified. Our institution is well equipped with equipment and instrument to ensure.

Study Digital Journalism

Nairobi Institute of Music & Performing Arts (NIMPA) is a tertiary institution established, registered and licensed under Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Act under TVET Authority.


Digital journalism is one of the tools that are shaping the future of journalism. With the insurgence in technology, digital journalism is …

In a world where technology is advancing by the day, it is up to us to ensure that you are not left …

Nairobi Institute of Music and Performing Arts (NIMPA) is a tertiary institution established, registered, and licensed under the Technical and Vocational Education …

Nowadays there are a number of courses that are offered that can specifically only teach you Music Production or courses that will …