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Which Course should I take to become a Music Producer?

Nowadays there are a number of courses that are offered that can specifically only teach
you Music Production or courses that will teach you a very specific style of production

eg. Courses in Electronic Music Production).

I personally feel that these courses are a good primer and a starting point to learn music production, but if you really want to understand the art of producing music, one needs to learn the basics of sound and have an understanding of the basic building blocks. A course that offers a Mix of Music Production and Audio Engineering is best suited for most beginners since that gives them the most exposure in terms of possibilities to explore beyond the course and also gives them a wholesome understanding of the field of sound.


2 thoughts on “Which Course should I take to become a Music Producer?”

  1. Imagine you are an employer. You have a chance to employ: (a) Two personnel- an audio engineer and a music producer- or (b) One employee with audio engineering and music production skills. Who would you easily go for?

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